As one of the leading fire extinguisher companies in the Western Cape, our trained and knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with the following:

Extinguisher amount, classification type and size as required to meet the safety needs of your business, store room, warehouse, complex, building, guest house or restuarant.

Class A – Fire Combustible
Class A – Combustible materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse)
Class B – Fire Liquid
Class B – Flammable liquids
Class C – Fire Electrical
Class C – Electrical fire
Class D – Fire Metal
Class D – Flammable metals
Class F – Fire Cooking Oil
Class F – Cooking oils and fats

Additional services:

  • Installations, signage and emergency evacuation plans, fire detection, fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems.


Servicing of your extinguishers is a mandatory annual event. Our trained and dedicated team will service your extinguishers thoroughly to ensure optimal reliability when you need it most. It is imperative to have good equipment for early fire detection and immediate containment. Even the best equipment needs to be serviced regularly to ensure full working order of equipment at all times. All fire equipment needs to comply with SABS standards.
REMEMBER: Inspectors may visit your business or premises at any time to assess and evaluate your fire management strategy, making sure you had a risk assessment done and are in possession of all the required documentation in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

For your convenience and optimal safety:

  • We collect your extinguishers from your premises for off-site services at our workshop.
  • We provide rotational extinguishers while your units are being serviced.
  • All services are done by our trained staff under strict quality levels and supervision, to assure high standards are maintained.
  • On completion, your units are returned and installed at your premises.

Additional Services:

  • Onsite servicing of hose-reels.
  • Pressure testing of fire hoses.



Renting an extinguisher provides you with the following benefits, with no additional costs:

Saves on layout and servicing costs.
Lifts the responsibility from you to remember the annual inspection.
We ensure your extinguishers are serviced and in working condition.
Fully serviced, rotational extinguishers on your site at all times, even during servicing and maintenance, at no risk to your business.
Installation of extinguishers.
Peace of mind is what we offer.

Contact us now for your rental quote and enjoy all the benefits and peace of mind with no additional costs!




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